WKs 5-7 Project A Reporting/Editing (Schedule & interim deadlines) (Needs updating for 2018)

IMMJ T2W3 Reporting week 1 (16-20th Jan 2017)

  • Reporting all week
  • @Yan – any research form update deadline to insert?

IMMJ T2W4 Reporting week 2 (23-27th Jan 2017)

  • Mon 23rd Jan – 20-minute we-chat tutorials with Sharron for a briefing update on your first weeks reporting. Please prepare for this. I’ll need to know in clear and concise terms what you have achieved and any problems you are having.
  • Fri 27th Jan – Upload some media assets online (Youtube / Vimeo / Dropbox) or even better at your own working URL. Assets may include items like first rough cuts of footage, or even clips sequenced together to give me an idea of visuals, interview transcribes and images. Again viewing things on your actual URL would be optimum at this stage if possible. It could be the first rough version of your URL with an idea for the kind of a layout you want to achieve with some placeholders of assets. due to the diverse approaches, students will be working in different ways – aim to get me the best presentation of your project to date. I will feedback on this via email. I will send out an email thread on Monday for you to reply to with links of your assets / urls. (Do not send me folders that I have to download – I won’t do this).
  • @Yan – any research form update deadline to insert? / Full drafts with research proposals etc – should be submitted by this point for feedback.

Chinese Spring Festival Holiday

IMMJ T2W5 READING WEEK (13-17th Feb 2017)

Primarily a reading week for catching up on any Term 2 missed readings. We particularly encourage reviewing 1: Making Sense of the News: News Literacy Lessons for Digital Citizens and 2: Multimediatrain.com – All of the ‘Short News’ section http://www.multimediatrain.com/short-news-video – You will need to have watched this to prepare for the Intensive 2.2

  • Mon 13th Feb – For those students who are motivated, feel free to upload your project at your URL. Assets may include items like your rough cuts of a video, interview transcribes and images. ALL VIDEO AT THIS STAGE MUST BE SUBTITLED IN ENGLISH (unless the speaker is speaking English). Viewing things on your actual URL would be optimum at this stage if possible. I will reply by email.
  • @Yan – any research form update deadline to insert?

IMMJ T2W6 REPORTING & EDITING WEEK 3 (20-24th Feb 2017)

  • Mon 20th Feb is the calendar scheduled IMMJ DEADLINE for your final story/ project rough edit. Students will have tutorials and remote feedback.
  • Face to face, in-class tutorials (with Sean)
  • Remote review & feedback (from Sharron).
  • For face to face tutorials, you will have 20 minutes. As the session is short in time, it is imperative you turn up on time for your session and prepare your materials well. Please prepare the following:
    – A selection of images that clearly show the types of photos you have taken
    – A short rough edit video, with subtitles and a typed and printed script
    – If you have written a text article, show me a clear story arc and outline that you can summarise quickly
    – Your multimedia platform URL, which you should already have started preparing
    – A CLEAR outline of how you will spend the editing week and what you will be working on.
  • For remote review & feedback, you will need to submit your updated story/project form together with your story/project URL so I can view your work in full on your digital platform.
  • This stage is akin to the kind of professional editorial process that you would go through with an editor. This is your chance for a thorough editorial review to give you the feedback you need to polish your work. Very often students fail Term 2 or Term 3 projects, simply because of polish editing issues. They may have done some great reporting, but External Examiners assess work based on student’s stories / projects delivered online at final URLs as the final outcome – so if things are not well edited, presented and delivered online, students risk failing. The work for this ‘rough edit date’ means that your work will all be in place on your digital platform and edited to a high standard. Please make sure you have gone through some basic editing steps and of course that you have thoroughly gone through the Critiquing Multimedia checklist with your peer proofreading & editing partner. Any text needs to be thoroughly proofread to good standard English. To be blunt – If your English is poor, we will not review it and you will lose valuable feedback. We are here to review your journalism, not your English. If your English is still poor on your final submission, you can expect to fail. (This includes written work for text, video subtitles or infographics). Do not hand us in text without having it thoroughly proofread. ALL VIDEO AT THIS STAGE MUST BE SUBTITLED IN ENGLISH (unless the speaker is speaking English).
  • Mon 20th Feb – Your nutgraph MUST be written on your project form by this date, this will help tutors to quickly grasp exactly what your story is about, and what’s important to communicate. It will help you to edit and prioritize the most important visuals and information – while understanding which content you can omit.
  • Sat 25th Feb Final deadlines. All projects online by midnight to be submitted via clearly identified links on Project forms uploaded to dropbox. Final submission for Project forms, all AdPrac & Adres sections to be complete.
  • @Yan – any research form update deadline to insert?