Critical Thinking in Practice

TERM 2 GUIDANCE — IMJ 7004 — Critical Thinking in Practice

The work for this module is the theory project form which consists of the following sections:

  • Sources
  • Research Questions
  • Research Proposal
  • Research Abstract

Those sections have to be completed for submission with the whole project form. Let me explain what is required for the Research Questions and the Research Proposal:

Research questions are the questions that drive your project. They are the questions you are seeking to answer through the visual story that you are proposing. They are not to be mistaken with interview questions. You will have somewhere between 3–5 research questions, with the first one being the most general and directed at the context of the story, working your way down to more specific questions.

For example, if you were doing a visual story on HIV-AIDS victims in a particular village who have suffered poor health care, your research questions might look like this:

1. What is the current status of the HIV-AIDS pandemic in China?

2. How has government — central, regional, local — responded to the pandemic?

3. When and how did people in village X contract HIV-AIDS?

4. Why did people in village X receive inadequate health care?

You will now see that when constructed properly along these lines, your Research Questions can provide the structure for your Research Proposal. The Proposal (1500 words each) is an integral part of the project form, and is to be written like an academic essay, along the lines you did for AdRes, which means it has to be properly structured and referenced using the author:date system. In the Proposal you deal with the context of your story, and the research data that will inform your understanding of the issues in your story. It does not contain any production or practice-related issues, which are dealt with in other sections of the form. The Research Abstract is and edited version of the 1,500 word proposal, and requires you to focus on the overall themes of your project in a shorter version.

Online Resources

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  • First project form

Research Questions due: 28 January, 2018

Research Proposal draft due: 23 February, 2018

Final submission: 18 March, 2018

  • Second project form