Week 2 – MM reporting & production & Video Editing


  • 1) Please come to Tuesday’s class with your full equipment set up you will be shooting and editing. Audio will not be important and you will not do an interview so you don’t need microphones.
  • 2) Please complete part 2 of 3 of your production brief. YOU MUST HAVE COMPLETED YOUR OWN TESTS ONLINE. Upload your tests and include the URL links to your tests in your PB. Bring it to class. Send it to Sharron via email. (On Monday Sharron will make an email thread). 
  • 3) Please complete these pre-readings & tasks:
  • i) Read The Production Brief Guide If you haven’t read this in full by now you must complete this week.
  • ii) Take a look at CTGN Multimedia editor, Lester Xu’s, video series: 1.3 Billion and China Startup.
  • iii) Read Finding & Interviewing Credible Expert Sources
  • iv) Complete the task (outlined in the notes below) for Journalist Jocelyn Ford’s class on sourcing.
  • v) Take 45 mins to read through the IMMJ Code of Ethics on Monday evening ready for Tuesday. Please note any questions you have as Rongfei will go through the code in the class.



  • 9:00 – 11.30 Multimedia production – visiting lecturer – Lester Xu
  • 12.30 – 15:00 / 15:30 Sourcing stories – visiting lecturer – Jocelyn Ford
  • 15:30 – 16:30 Production Brief Guidelines w Rongfei
  • *Students will need to read the code of ethics carefully before class. It will be online on Sunday


  • 10:00 – 12:00 Editing workshop
  • 13:00 – 15.30: Editing Exercise
  • (13:00 – 13:45 shooting; 13:45- 14.45 editing; 14:45-15:30 review)
  • 15:30 – 16:30 Risk + Ethics & best practice guidelines
  • Student Liaison meeting (moved to following week)

Sourcing exercise – complete this exercise ready for Jocelyn’s class:

The case study story we are using actually going back to an assignment that One student tackled back in September. It seems he was ahead of the game and did some reporting on a story that has now developed. 

A week ago the Chinese gay app Blued put a seven-day hold on new registrations after reports that underage users contracted HIV on dates they set up via the app. It’s your job to do a text feature story about this incident and explore the issue of underage users on Blued in China. The issue of underage users is not only a problem in China and is not confined to LGBTQ+ dating apps. But the story you are reporting on is specifically a news feature about underage users on Blued. 

Time is short but if you could do a little searching to come up with some concrete ideas this will be great – at the very least please consider how you would conduct a search to find the following sources to interview for your story:

  1. A ‘human face’ – a person who is affected by the story
  2. Two or more authoritative/experts sources – people who are unaffected but, experts on the subject
  • For bonus points you might also think of one more source: 
  • People who have a stake in the outcome
  • People who are involved with the story for any other reason

Editing Session Workshop notes – to be updated by Rongfei over the weekend for student review after class.