T2 WKS 8 + 9 Intensive 2

Updated by Sharron Lovell February 2019


The Term 2, two-week intensive will be INTENSIVE – that means working full days from 10am to around 5 or 6pm, with typically an hour of reading or research each evening. This page alongside the briefing PDF (linked to above) outlines the schedule and aims of the intensive and includes some selected reading material to help you prepare.

Week 1 – will largely focus on video storytelling with seminars on story arc & narrative, and workflow for the pre-production, production and post-production stages of video stories. There will also be an editorial pitch meeting where we approve or reject your story ideas for intensive ‘live project’ group work with China Daily Multimedia journalist and Girl City series editor. Finally, we will review and critique your first projects, expect harsh but constructive criticism.

Week 2 – is a practical week – where we put some of the learning points delivered in the first week into practice in the form of a ‘live multimedia journalism project’ with a real editorial brief for a real client. Work that is of publishable quality will be placed in China Daily Asia, a major news outlet. Students will be placed into teams of three and work ‘shoulder to shoulder’ in the field and edit with an industry professional. The series is Girl City. Students will need to work hard on finding stories and creating access independently before the intensive begins. You should start contacting potential characters for access well before the intensive starts. (A specific brief & instructions for the ‘live project’ will be delivered by March 4th). You will need to send your projects via this Pitch Template)

You will be given a folder with supporting learning materials on the first week of the intensive as well as more instructions on deliverables. You will need one video, one great image as the thumbnail picture, and a short descriptive caption text.


Screen Shot 2019-03-02 at 11.49.44.png

Screen Shot 2019-03-04 at 11.45.48.png

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  • Refer to the brief, you’ll need to watch plenty of episodes to get a feel for the show, watch the regular series and the special series on plastic surgery
  • Read some of the articles about women and work I gathered and do your own reading


Please prepare:

  • A short article or video report you find impacting/memorable
  • A short article or video you made yourself in the past. It can be something you are proud or disappointed with, and we can investigate why it works well or fails. (Good to have a mixture of fails and successes)


It will be a good idea to do some reading on story and narrative in your reading week!