T2 WK 11 – PB 2/3 + 360 Video


You’ll need to come to class with your PB 2. You should have locked down story access by Monday, if you haven’t it’s time to switch to an easier story. You will have done thorough style & methodology testing and uploaded the tests online for tutors to view.

  • M: am 360 Video Workshop with Lester Xu (CTGN Multimedia Editor)
  • M: pm 1:00-2:30pm Story & Narrative with Multimedia
  • M:pm 2:45-4:00pm Multi-character video screenings & analysis discussion.
  • M: pm 4:00-5:00pm Briefing for project B. Brief note on engagement.


  • T: am Photojournalism & Documentary Photography Inspirations & Visual Ethics
  • T: pm 1:30 – 3:30pm Alex Zheng; Context for Reporting & writing
  • T: pm 4:00 – 6:00pm How Hwee Young (Chief Photographer for China region with EPA Beijing).
  • Homework: Prepare PB3, consider your risks & ethics carefully.
  • DEADLINE: Submit your final PB on Wednesday 17th for feedback and approval. Please also submit a signed IMMJ Code of Ethics.



  • Take a look at How Hwee Young’s website before class. Be prepared to ask at least one question during a Q&A.
  • http://www.howhweeyoung.com/

You will need to refer to the IMMJ Ethical Guidelines. You will also need to refer to the best practices.

You may wish to refer to these collections after class:



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