2015-16 IMMJ-MA Graduates Publish Work with Sixth Tone

We are always excited to see IMMJ-MA students publish their student work with professional outlets, and last month we saw shorter versions of two final graduate projects published in Sixth Tone. Sixth Tone is a new Chinese (launched in April 2016) English-language media outlet aimed at international reach and readership. The website often covers contemporary national issues in a deeply humanized way – which is often the way IMMJ-MA students tend to tackle their stories.

Publication of Term 2 and especially Term 3 final stories in professional and reputable outlets is exactly the standard we hope our students achieve. Publishing work not only helps you to establish credibility but also delivers a lesson in how to work with publications and editors through an editorial process. All of this can be critical to breaking into the industry. Having your own website is an important way to show editors or clients your work but having a published clip with your byline on your CV will really help to prove that you can do the job.

Big congratulations to IMMJ-MA 2015-16 cohort and recent graduates Cicy Lin , King (Cheng Wei) and Nicole (Zheng Yu). The stories are fascinating, covering access to equal education for China’s blind and a touching environmental story on bird and wetland conservation. Do read them! Here are links to the Sixth Tone versions directly below, you can find the full stories at the bottom of the page.


Cicy was headhunted for professional work before she even graduated – largely in part to her quality Term 2 and 3 projects, and the fact that she produced shareable versions and distributed smartly on social media. She is currently continuing her love for both the outdoors and filming and working as a producer for environmental mini-documentaries. Nicole has returned to her former job and continues to work on storytelling projects, King is working as a multimedia reporter in his hometown Chongqing.

You might also like to view the full versions of their graduate projects:


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