IMJ7004 Reading List

For a better understanding of the current state of multimedia journalism and the industry, read the report “Journalism, Media and Technology Trends and Predictions 2018” from Reuters Institute

As you’ve gained most of the multimedia skills in Term 1, one of the most important things to consider when working on your multimedia projects now is to make sure the approach and format you choose are the best for the story you want to tell. Here’s an example of an excellent project done with careful consider on the story angle and choice of multimedia elements. Sixth Tone’s multimedia project “Red Lights Go Gray” and a reflective article on the project.

For a deeper reflection on how to create journalistic photographs in a more meaningful way, read the essay “Words without Pictures” by Jörg Colberg.

You can also read Fred Ritchin’s book “Bending the Frame.” The hard copies in both English and Chinese language are available in our class library.

Listen to the podcast with SCMP’s new CEO Gary Liu to better understand the current digital transformation in a media company that’s seeking to expand its audience.

Make sure you’ve watched all the nominees of this year’s World Press Photo Digital Storytelling contest: