IMMJ-MA Graduate Work We Are Proud Of

On this page you’ll find a collection of work by previous #immjma graduates. Both current and prospective students should take the time to view to gain an understanding of the prospects and possibilities the program presents. Most assignments are final term 3 work, however, term 2 assignments are also included. You’ll find a variety of multimedia journalism features, single page scrolling stories, websites, ibooks, interactive games, web documentaries and more. What makes these projects stand out is both the reporting and the final delivery and presentation, these works successfully achieve the IMMJMA program goals of innovative, compelling and well told journalism stories told well.

Newspaper legend Joseph Pulitzer, the father of writing’s famed Pulitzer Prizes, summed up the essence of good and powerful writing, and we think this still applies today — especially in a multimedia context.

Put it before them briefly so they will read it, clearly so they will appreciate it, picturesquely so they will remember it and, above all, accurately so they will be guided by its light. — Joseph Pulitzer

Yang Enzi class 2010–11 made a short web documentary about the seven members in the China Disabled Track Cycling Team. The team trained for four years to compete at an international level and took part in the 2012 London Paralympic Games. They won six gold medals, four silver medals, and five bronze medals. As a team, these individuals have a better life. (Part of T3 Project)

Cicy Lin class 2015-16 published part of her final project with Sixth Tone


Zhang Xinwen and Kong Yiqiao, both current 2015–16 students produced and published a multimedia story for CCTV’s StartUp series. The work was broadcast and published online on multiple platforms. Each year IMMJ students team up with working professionals for a short practical field workshop. See the bottom of page for more group projects.

Vict Zhang (graduate of 2013–14) produced a multimedia project featuring a Tibetan School in rural Qinghai. The story explores minority culture and education system in contemporary China.

Peijin Wang, produced a text, photo and graphics based story based on the intricacies of disabled dating in China.

Olga Stefatou, a graduate from the 2011-12 course, had her final project shortlisted for the important One World Media awards. Olga’s story, Parched Homes, is a multimedia exploration of domestic violence against women in China.

Sun Peng class 2010-11 produced and published a powerful multimedia feature for China Daily about Parents who have lost their only child — known in China as “shidu” families. This disadvantaged and marginalized group numbers about a million. Peng’s multimedia project presents the challenges they face, such as problems with finances, physical and mental health care, as well as struggles with government policies. These parents talk candidly about their stories and the efforts they’ve made to improve their lives.

Alice Carfrae class 2013–14 produced a ten part multimedia feature for China Daily called ‘Wild Beijing’. The last thing you would expect to find in a heavily polluted ever expanding city like Beijing is wildlife. But there is plenty, and Alice explores Beijing’s wildlife and some of those those of the front lines protecting it in ten episodes.

Michela Orlandi, a graduate of the 2011-12 class, has had her story on the growing number of suicides in Chinese small businesses published online by the Seattle Globalist.

Berta Tilmantaite of 2010–11 class made an award-winning video “The River Runs Back” it’s now playing on the Asia Society’s web site, as part of their China Green initiative.

Hao Jingya of class 2014–15 Won a prestigious National Data Journal Competition with her multimedia feature on the impact and legacy of China’s one child policy on it’s current elderly generation.

Mark Esplin of class 2011–12 made an interactive ibook about the environmental degradation of the Coral Triangle. Please do download and take a look.

Ibooks were popular that year, and Biel Calderon also from Class 2011–12 also made an ibook. Ibooks are quite simple to put togther.

Ellen Xu and Craig Kirk of 2012–13 class made an animated journalism game. Click to play this game about shadow banking in China. Shadow banking has grown rapidly in China over recent years and is now estimated to be worth as much as $3.4 trillion, equivalent to 45% of China’s gross domestic product. Not yet regulated by the government it has become a huge financial sector and will have serious effects on the future of China’s economy.

Vera Peneda from class 2012–13 focused on feminism in China. The video component she made for her final project was screened on CCTV’s Assignment Asia met three women from one family, each with a story that represents the changes in China, from one generation to the next.

You can see Vera’s full Term 3 work below:

Jeff Kennel produced a multimedia book (originally produced as an iBook) produced with the gardeners of Seeds of Harmony garden in New Columbia, Portland, Oregon.

Sun Jiaxun produced a documentary on Autism as part of his final project

Sabrina Merolla class 2013–14 is one of IMMJ’s most prolific #instagrammers, her work on ‘Fast food sleepers’, a common presence in every fast food chain in China, all shot with mobile phone was published in lens culture.

Group Term 2 Intensive Projects:

Jiuzhai Valley Multimedia Guidebook

The 2012–13 class made a guidebook with a difference. The Jiuzhai Valley Multimedia Guidebook offers advice for an off the beaten track travel experience. We won’t lead you into the local tourist traps, but instead to local villages, a traditional Bon monastery and to a Tibetan home-stay on the outskirts of the park. We provide information and sumptuous pictures of some of the unique adventure opportunities available, such as horse trekking, back country hiking and eco-tourism opportunities. Meet the people who make Jiuzhai Valley special face-to-face in a series of short videos and listen to their stories about the local Bon religion, changing traditions as well as there favourite spots. (T2 intensive group work)

CCTV China Startup Series

The class of 2015–16 worked alongside professional multimedia journalists and editors to contribute to a CCTV multimedia feature. The series produced in the Term 2 Intensive, was broadcast on TV and published on multiple channels, online and social platforms. Students experienced working with a professional client for a professional brief. Here’s just one of the published stories.

Heidoyu Village, a microcosm of rural China

The class of 2014–15 spent two days in a village in the Term 2 intensive scourging a village just outside of Beijing, they found a microcosm of rural China. Land grabs, tourism, urbanization… take a look at their multimedia project here: (T2 intensive group work)

International Awards

Our graduates consistently win major international awards competing against the best in the world. In the last few years these have included:

2013 — Press Photographer’s Year 2013, 1st prize News — Adam Dean

2013 — George Polk Award for Video Reporting — Tracey Shelton

2013 — Picture of the Year International (POYi) Award of Excellence for Feature Multimedia — Tracey Shelton

2013 — World Press Photo multimedia award — Yange Enze

2013 — One World Media award student nomination — Olga Stefatou

2013 — International Center of Photography Infinity Award — Miska Henner

2012 — Winner of the TV category in the WASH media awards — Berta upe Tilmantaitė

2012 — Gold Award in the 2012 Prix de la Photographie (PX3) — Adam Dean

2012 — Digital Heretics journalism award — Berta upe Tilmantaitė

2012 — Overseas Press Club award — Best coverage in a 72-hour period of a breaking news event — Tracey Shelton

2012 — Photo District News 2012 list of “30 new and emerging photographers to watch” — Markel Redondo

2012 — Peabody award — Tracey Shelton