The MA in International Multimedia Journalism is a collaboration based in Beijing Foreign Studies University, China. The degree is awarded by the University of Bolton in the UK. 

The global media economy is being transformed. With major changes in the way stories are produced, circulated and consumed, today’s visual journalists and storytellers need new skills to meet the challenges and take advantage of new opportunities.

Students on the one-year MA in International Multimedia Journalism develop essential practical multimedia journalism skills in photography, video, audio, writing, infographics, and social media. Students also gain a critical understanding of contemporary trends in the new media economy, while studying in the stimulating city of Beijing. 

See what our students think in our introductory videos on the course.

Dear current studentsthis site provides you with a central hub for program information and learning resources. It includes official program and module information; assignment briefs; deadlines; reading lists; workshop & lecture notes; calendars – as well as a ton of resources to support your study.  Please don’t forget to check in regularly.

This site does not cover the University of Bolton’s Student Policy Zone and you will need to bookmark and familiarise yourself with the information there too.

Not an IMMJ student? – If you are not an IMMJ student but are interested in multimedia or visual journalism – you are welcome to browse the site, you’ll find some good resources. However many pages are just for students and password protected.  If you’d like to find out more about the program head over to our public-facing site at http://www.immj-ma.org. You can also follow our public-facing Facebook Page and our podcast.

We have collated some key learning and reading resources below that all IMMJ students should familiarise themselves with, bookmark and return to on a regular basis.


  • Multimedia Train –  Supports learning for basic core skills learning covered in  T1
  • IMMJ Multimedia Story InspirationsFind a wide range of new and old web-based visual multimedia stories and projects to analyze and to inspire your own work. 
  • Contently Page  Here you will find an older collection of multimedia projects and stories to analyze and inspire it’s useful to compare earlier works with the more recent works on the Padlet page above. 
  • The BBC Journalism Academy – A fantastic resource for skills training and learning. It’s a training resource to support BBC journalists but it’s open to wider industry professionals and students. The only problem with the site that the content is not well-organized so you’ll need to spend time digging through to see what’s there. Alternatively, search keywords when you are looking for something specific.
  • The Masterclass Podcast – Lessons in audio reporting from some of the best audio journalists in the world (Most of the reporting tips apply to all mediums, it’s a great listen for your first few weeks!)
  • The BBC News Style Guide – Any writing you do should follow this style guide
  • The BBC News Style Guide for Numbers – Extremely useful, use it every time you write!
  • The Depth of Field column – Get a monthly dose of photography inspiration – co-curated by Chinese Photographers and editors.
  • Instagram – Our Instagram feed – We want to grow it in 2019-20!
  • Multimedia Journalism: A Practical Guide – A companion website for a core textbook – worth a browse but some sections out of date. Sadly resources date fast in this field of study.
  • MultimediaWeek – A podcast about multimedia journalism by IMMJMA staff
  • Facebook Group – This is a platform to share and connect with current students and alumni. We also post regularly about jobs, inspirational works, industry news,
  • IMMJ Medium Page – a new resource for 2019-20 but we hope to grow it fast.
  • Bolton’s Student Policy ZoneIf you need to make an academic appeal, find the student attendance policy or find out about other important University policies or procedures this is the place.