Info graph & Data Visualisation tools

Atlas – – Graphs & Charts

Atlas, a new platform from Quartz is useful for sharing and creating charts. Readers can embed or download the image file itself as well as it’s dataset. So anyone looking for a quick way to illustrate a point through data can search for what they need. Rather than taking a screen shot – sans licence, you can simply embed. There seems to be plans for readers to create their own graphics too in the future.

Infogram – Graphs & Charts

Very easy to use


Timeline. JS –  – Timeline

Easy to use, so elegant! – Charts & Maps

A little trickier to use, but still easy – and lots of choice. Nice for maps too. It’s also responsive, meaning it adapts for screens. To get the hang of this you’d just need 2 or 3 hours and some time on google.


Premiere & FCPX Plugins

Plenty of plugins available – this is mostly text on screen – but it does include some graphics.

You also might want to try

Moovley – Animated Graphics

A new tool – try it out!

Other tools

More complex – Good for math & coding people

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