T2 WK 11 – Presentation 3 and Workshop

Monday, March 27th & Tuesday, March 28th – Presentation 3 & Workshop TBA

  • M: AM 10.00-12.30: seminar session – WRITING 2 – DIAMOND STORY STRUCTURE & REVERSE ENGINEER with Michael Jordan
  • M: PM: 1.30-5.00: Includes 1 short 15 min break Presentation session – Presentation 3: Ready to report: Ethical Assessment / Risk Assessment / Engagement Plan 12 mins per student. (7 mins presentation / 5 mins feedback). Critical that students time themselves before their presentations. Include your story focus. (approx 2 mins). Your style & methodology with visual inspirations and your own tests. (approx 3 mins) Individual specific ethical & risk considerations. (approx 2 mins). DO NOT RELY ON CLASS INTERNET. CRITICAL TO DOWNLOAD OR SCREEN RECORD EXAMPLES SO YOU CAN SMOOTHLY PRESENT FROM PPT. 
  • T: 10.00 am-12.30 pm Practical Workshop  – VIDEO & AUDIO POST PRODUCTION. with Adam Kerby. (Simple colour correction tools & noise reduction)
  • T: 1.30 pm-4.00 pm TBA
  • Optional Docu screening with Pizza

Required reading/preparation before class: (Note – not yet finalised – still working on this section)

Some basic tutorials here – be sure to look prior to class

1: Final Cut Pro X: Colour correction overview

2: 5 Essential Video Effects every editor should know

Some more advanced tutorials also worth looking at here. Worth looking at after class

1: Adobe Premiere Pro CC Tutorials

2: Noise reduction techniques and restoration effects for Audition

3: New powerful audio effects in Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017

4: 15 Premiere Pro Tutorials Every Video Editor Should Watch