News outlets producing short, medium and long-form video journalism & documentary online

This is a collection of some of the news publications producing online video right now. There’s a variety of styles, from documentaries to short explainers to VR — we’d love to know which publications, channels, styles, and films you enjoy most in class. Note, If it’s a bigger publication with more than one channel or style, (like Vice or AJ+) we’ve tried to include a couple the different channels for you to check out. We’ve also included some news articles discussing the various outlets and where you can find out more about their approaches and business model etc. Enjoy! If you prefer to watch on Youtube or Vimeo, most outlets have channels you can subscribe or follow.




Vice has a stack of different documentary channels including:

  • Main Page
  • Vice international
  • The Profiles is a particularly good one to watch for #IMMJMA students as you’ll be doing a profile video for one of your first assignments –
  • Rule Brittania –
It’s well worth reading about Vice — love them or hate them, they are an important player. Vice Media is an edgy, global media with heavy video content. Originally a small magazine it has evolved into a $4 billion corporation. Vice will soon launch Viceland, a 24-hour cable channel in partnership with A+E Networks (covering food, travel, and culture). Vice also features shows on HBO.


  • Main Page –

Recommended viewing


We really enjoyed this film too True Love from Dazed Magazine: “A new video series taking apart what it’s really like to love somebody, following three couples in Nashville, Tennessee through the life, times and struggles of the ultimate intimacy.”


“Streams a mixture of curated short documentaries and original Aeon content, including a series of interviews with experts at the forefront of thought.”


Films from The Guardian


“A new venture that expresses The Economist’s globally curious outlook in the form of short, mind-stretching documentaries. “Future Works” is a series that examines the jobs of the future that are being done today.”

  • Main page –
  • They have a ton of channels too, covering the ocean, tech and travel etc

Read here for info about the channel


  • Main Page –

Read here for info about the channel



Producing feature-length docs and character-driven shorts to experiential VR pieces — lots of innovation and mixing advocacy into the journalism mix“We tell stories of resilience that move audiences to take action”.

  • 360 films –
  • All films –

WITHIN (was Vrse)

WITHIN is a leading VR company, “whose mission is to tell extraordinary stories in virtual reality. It uses custom-built tools and their own VR app to create and distribute the most innovative, story-driven experiences in VR today.” Has produced high-profile collaborations with The New York Times, the United Nations and Vice.

  • Main Page –

Recommended viewing


We definitely recommend downloading the app and viewing AJ+ there, video-heavy content from short and mid-form docs to short explainers.

  • Main Page –
  • You Tube –


Digital originals, commentary, explainers, mini-docs

  • Main Page –
  • Real Future: is Fusion’s new documentary series about technology and society –

Media Storm

You do need to be a subscriber to view most of Media Storm’s Films. It’s worth it.

  • Main Page – –

Los Angeles Time Video

My favorite arethe The Times reports — In-depth interviews, commentary and video essays from Los Angeles Times reporters.

Wall Street Journal

More from Aljazeera

Both of the links below are broadcast programmes — but you can also watch them online

  • Aljazeera Witness –
  • Aljazeera 101 East –