WK 1 Pre-reading

Term 1 – Week 1 – 11th Sept 2017

Please ensure that you have read and fulfilled all tasks below before the 20th September

  1. The Student Handbook 
  2. The Program Timetable and the Calendar  – You’ll want to import or copy calendar dates into your own calendar, however, be sure to keep a regular eye on the live online version as the schedules are subject to small updates and changes. Do not expect tutors to remind you of classes or deadlines. They are all online for your convenience. Students are expected to plan for and time manage the year of study efficiently. Students who miss class are liable to re-sit semesters.
  3. Please sign up for this free, online News Literacy course and complete the first week’s readings/viewing. (Chinese subtitles for videos are available). You will have a short quiz in class on introduction day.
  4. You should have already read and completed the required tasks set out in the New Student and Preparation Pack. If you joined the program late, please ensure you read this in full and complete the required tasks to prepare you for your first week of study. They include: Getting to know the course, Getting Required Equipment and Getting connected, (I will need your full contact details outlined in the getting connected section. Please prepare the details requested so that they can easily be transferred to a group document in class. In addition, I will need to send your basic details to send to UoB so you can complete your enrollment. See the format with example here: (First Name: Wang / Second Name: Xueying / Third Name: (if applicable) / English name (if applicable) / Official Name (as it will appear on certificate): Wang Xueying / Date of birth 16-1-1994 / Gender: F / Email address: Wang Xueying@gmail.com
  5. Please also read my (work in progress) notes for a new project. We will start our own IMMJ media team where students create and curate content for IMMJ platforms and social media feeds. This is a work in progress and once we are together, you can give your ideas and inputs too. You’ll each have different roles and responsibilities, so read up and think about which position you would like to sign up for. IMMJ MEDIA TEAM & IMMJ COMMUNITY NEWS

We look forward to seeing you next week!