WK 2 Introduction


  • W: 10.00 am – 12.00 am: Introductions. Program Introduction, Course Structure & How We Work
  • W: 13.00 pm – 15.00 am: Peer Partners. Student Roles. News Literacy Quiz. News Team & Roles. Notes and Prep for WK 2 Photography. Digital Platforms. Reminders.

Session Preparation – Pre-reading / watching

Bring your laptops, no need for camera gear.

Read and fulfill all tasks outlined in the pre reading week – http://www.beijingimmj.wordpress.com/01-prereading-week/

Assignments Week 1:

Optional Extra reading:

You need to deliver your Term 1 weekly assignments via a digital platform. We recommend WordPress.com or www.wix.com, but you could also try the others recommended. Tumblr is too limited and Chinese platforms largely unsuitable due to the fact that they use Chinese as navigation language. Feel free to find and try something completely new and impress us!


If you are new to websites I would advise wordpress.com and NOT wordpress.org, they are the same company. wordpress.com is more limited but free and easier to begin with. For wordpress.org you’ll need to pay to set up.

Take a look at this tutorial if you are a beginner: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sseD8nR5B8Y#action=share

Want to know more about wordpress.com VS wordpress.org? Check out this explainer. If you do want to go with wordpress.org Blue-host often has special offers for wordpress.org. Here’s a handy link for setting up a wordpress.org site.

Wix tutorials

Wix Tutorial 1
Wix tutorial 2

You might also want to check out the following links for tips on current digital platforms 15 blog platforms, Best Places to Start a Blog, 4 Free and Simple blog platforms, 3 New Blog Platforms,Best Blogging Platforms of 2014. I recommend spending half a day looking through options then picking one and spend half a day playing around. Remember it’s simply a space to upload your assignments.