Week 8 – Social Media


Monday 14th Nov
A.M. – Cinematic Assignment Review
P.M – Introduction to Social Media & Audience Engagement – The BIG 3 – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Tuesday 15th Nov
A.M. – Introduction to Social Media & Audience Engagement Continued – Ethics & Information Sourcing/Fact-checking.
P.M. – Class Exercise: Introduction to Storify – Creating your own story by curating news on social media from a recent news event.

This weeks learning outcomes — Students will:

– Become familiar with major social media platforms used by journalists and learn how each of them can be used to engage with audiences.
– Learn how to analyse news on social media for validity, reliability and trustworthiness, discussing the risks of news shared through social media.
– Build team-building skills through the weekly assignment, learning how to effectively work with other members of class as you collaborate to produce a unique social media strategy for one current news topic.


Facebook’s failure: did fake news and polarized politics get Trump elected?

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Social Media Newsroom

In this week’s assignment the class will act as one newsroom, covering one story that will be assigned to you during practical classes this week.

The class will be split up into small teams that will each be responsible for a specific social media outlet e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

Once you receive the assignment topic each team must devise a distribution strategy that is unique to each of their social media outlets. This assignment will challenge you to think strategically about how you use different social media to cover stories.


– In class, you will be randomly placed into social media teams.
– In each team you shall select one ‘team leader’
– You will be given your news topic and begin devising how you will use your social media platform to cover this story.
– Each team must plan how they will gather their assets e.g. photos, video, text, quotes etc. and assign responsibility for editing.
– By the deadline (midnight 20th November) you must have uploaded online all of your assets and be ready to present your social media strategy to class on the morning of Monday 21st November.
– The success of your assignment will be judged on the uniqueness of your social media platform strategy.


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Twitter for Journalists

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