WEEK 7: Storytelling Platforms

We will be looking at story structure and storytelling platforms enabled by the digital revolution.

Start by reading Section 5, pp. 35–40 from the report “Visual Storytelling in the Age of Post-Industrial Journalism” by David Campbell.

Sharron has shared this post in our Facebook group. It’s a relevant read for this week. It’s important to remember that while Snowfall has its significant meaning in multimedia journalism and digital storytelling, it doesn’t mean that its form should be replicated for any project on a digital platform. 

Although our program is specifically focused on multimedia on digital platforms, storytelling can be expanded across platforms. As a storyteller, you should utilise the best platform and tool to tell a story.

Lastly, this post introduces some available platforms for digital storytelling. I also recommend checking out these tools at Knight Lab, which requires very little coding knowledge and can be very handy for your future projects.

For more inspiration, check out this list of best online journalism and storytelling of 2015.