WEEK 11 Advanced Video

You will need to bring your camera & manual, video suitable SD cards, fully charged batteries, tripod and have Adobe Premiere installed. If you have a new camera, it is suggested going through some of the http://www.multimediatrain.com video section before class. It is also suggested you watch some online tutorials for your own specific camera brand and model.


Monday AM: Review Multimedia Project Assignments
Monday PM: Introduction to Advanced Video & Cinematic Journalism
Tuesday AM: Practical Workshop for Cinematic Journalism Techniques
Tuesday PM: Continuation of Practical Workshop for Cinematic Journalism Techniques + Interview Set-up and Best Practices
Wednesday – Friday: Students Carrying out Advanced Video Weekly Assignment

This weeks learning outcomes — Students will:

– Become familiar key cinematic journalism techniques including, video portraits, focus switch, time lapse, slow motion, natural wipes, pan-tilts and tracking.
– Begin to apply these techniques in a practical setting with other students, then receiving feedback from the tutor on how to improve.
– Learn about how to set-up different styles of interviews for use in journalism video projects. You will become familiar with different lighting techniques and how to use them in different situations.
– Apply these in a practical situation with other students in-class to focus on improving your technique and practice.


Video feature in form of a ‘Video Profile’.

Find a fascinating, complex, quirky, inspiring or controversial person and show this person to the world.

Client: CGTN – 1.3 Billion Series


The topic is ‘Park Life’ or ‘Chinese Millennials’.

Length: 2–3 minutes

– A video Interview
– At least three cinematic techniques from this week’s class.
– Good sequences. Not random B-Roll
– Create a beginning, middle and end to the profile.
– Pay attention to using a lav mic and getting good clean sound.
– Ask yourself, what is this person’s STORY? Why are they interesting? What is unique about them?
– Do you have a good hook (great visuals, or interesting quote) at the beginning to get your audience’s attention?
– How does your ending make your audience feel?

Midnight Sunday 26th November — Please upload your file onto either YouTube or Vimeo and then embed it on your personal page. (Don’t forget to export your project using the H.264 and Vimeo/Youtube settings described in class, to ensure a manageable file size.

Assignment resources:

To become more familiar with Beijing’s parks and the subject of Chinese millennials:

Park Life
Top 10 Parks in Beijing

Beijing Parks

Chinese Millennials
Chinese Millennials: New Minds In An Old World

Below is a list of video profiles and stories that should help inspire you for this week’s assignment and class projects. These features have been chosen for their creativity and cinematic journalism attributes:

Jonah Kessel — Tricycle Calligraphy

Dominic Bracco — Peace in Juarez: Clarinetist Finds Refuge Amidst Mexico’s Drug Wars

DJ Clark — The Archer: Bhutan’s national obsession

Extra Resources

Are you confused about the definition of a journalism profile story?

Laygate Stories – http://www.laygatestories.com/

7 Iconic Hollywood Cinematography Techniques

Camera Set up + Shooting
For setting up your camera, camera rules hop over to multimediatrain.com