5: Transformations in the Media Economy

In the coming weeks, we’ll be examining the on going changes in the media landscape—how the internet is changing the way information is produced, distributed and consumed.

First, it’s vital to understand that the internet creates a new ecosystem, rather than simply adding digital media on top of traditional media like printing and broadcast. What’s disruptive about the internet is that it collapses the traditional distribution models.


To have a general idea of the current trends in the changing digital news landscape, read the latest Pew research.

Listen to David, Sharron and DJ discuss what does these changes in the digital news landscape mean in this podcast.
The evolution of visual forms and image making is also part of the transformation we’re talking about. While reading this essay, be aware that new technologies bring new possibilities to image making, presentation and storytelling, but it doesn’t mean that the new form will simply replace the old ones. The task for visual journalists is to find the form that best serve the story you want to tell.


Watch the “Video Now” report. Watch the section about “NowThis News” and then watch the “Recommendation” section. The other sections are also recommended.
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